Sideshow can be funny and silly and stupid.

It can also be skillful.

This is a show especially for children. There is nothing scary! Suitable for ages 5 and up.

These are some of the best clowns in the business, you will see brilliant tricks and laughs are guaranteed.

Featuring Sideshow Pat (aka Patrick Bath) famous for being in “Circus in a Suitcase” and playing Neville in

the very popular schools show “Our Story”.

You will also see Ruby Rubberlegs, Australia’s funniest female contortionist and David Splatt ( pictured above) with his beautiful marrionette puppets and also his amazing flea circus.

There may also be a special guest appearance by Dr Hubble, Byron Bay’s Master of Bubbles

Sideshow is for everyone, bring the kids, the baby sitter and your grandma!