Strong, strange women have been part of the sideshows since the very beginning.

We have gathered five of the strongest and strangest women in the sideshow arts.

They are here to show you how powerful women wow audiences the world over.

Will sell out.

Tiger Lil

The First Lady of Australian Sideshow.

Tiger Lil was a founding member of Austraila’s first post modern sideshow, “The Happy Sideshow”

She was also the first Australian to pioneer angle grinding as an erotic art form.

Countless tours of the world have meant she has been imitated by many.

The original and the best, she has been equaled by none.

Tweedle Needle. Holland

Tweedle is one third of the Absurdities Sideshow, the late night hit of the Adelaide Fringe.

She is also a member of America’s all girl sideshow troupe The Demented Dolls of Sideshow.

She is dark and daring and her exploits will blow you away.

Emma J Hawkins is a Ballarat girl made good. She has been on the stage for as long as she can remember.

She has performed with The League of Sideshow Superstars around Australia, taken  her award winning solo shows to Edinburgh Festival and was a feature artist with Circus Oz. Emma is a unique artist and The World Sideshow Festival is proud to invite her back to her home town.

Flavella L’Amour

hails from Adelaide and is Australia’s foremost snake charmer and serpent dancer.

She has been working with her pythons for over 10 years, she raised them all by hand now she and her snakes move together as one.

Look out for her around the bar and on the stage.


is one of the rising stars in the Australian circus world. After graduating from the national circus school last year she has exploded onto the circus and cabaret circuit. While she is not exactly sideshow, she is all skill and all class and she is definitely a “Wild Woman”

Simi Capelli

Simi is famous in the sideshow world for lifting ridiculous things with her hair.

In the past she has lifted washing machines and microwave ovens using nothing but her hair.

She is one of Australia’s strongest women, with some very unusual skills.

Special Announcement.

There will also be a special guest appearance by an international cabaret superstar from the UK.

We are just lucky she could find the time to drop by.

We are not at liberty to release further details at this point expect to say that its going to be awesome.